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Innovations In Digital Finance

Enhance the lives of underprivileged individuals and enterprises in the financial services industry by leveraging advancements in technology, optimizing processes, expanding networks, and promoting capacity building.

Grameen Foundation India (GFI) focuses on uplifting the financial well-being of underserved communities through the strategic adoption of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence, among others. A core emphasis of our efforts lies in empowering women by facilitating their access to financial services, both through digital and traditional channels.

Our overarching aim is to foster an inclusive financial ecosystem wherein all stakeholders, including banks, BCNMs (Business Correspondent Network Managers), agents, and other relevant entities, derive mutual benefits with the customer’s interests at the forefront.

To realize this vision, the GFI team is committed to three key approaches: capacity building, product development, and effective go-to-market strategies. Moreover, we actively collaborate with multilateral agencies to strengthen the impact and reach of our initiatives.

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