Grameen Foundation’s role of being at the forefront of digital financial services and driving innovations that help the industry move forward is recognized by several prominent awards, such as:

  • GFI bagged the Strategy Award in the social assistance category by Institute for Competitiveness and Porter Prize, named after Michael E. Porter, an imminent economist, researcher, and author on strategy and competitive advantage.
  • CNBC TV18 Financial Inclusion Award for Strategic Partnership for its Commendable Contributions to the Financial Inclusion Sector.
  • CNBC TV18 Award for Advancing Financial Inclusion through Community Based Initiatives.
  • NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum Award for GFI’s work to integrate mobile financial education and services in India. The work has enabled microfinance clients to use digital payment channels to repay their micro-loans.
  • Mobile Kunji and mobile academy awards at the Mobile World Congress: was awarded for its work on MOTECH (mobile technology in health) for the best product or service for women in emerging markets.

Grameen Foundation has produced a set of videos that educate the underserved population on banking, mobile banking, and other financial products and have been integrated into the G-LEAP application. Apart from educating the user about the application, these videos are also shown to participants in conjunction with trained field worker-led education sessions. These videos can be found here.