Women And Girls Empowered (WAGE), Sri Lanka

Grameen Foundation India (GFI) in partnership with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) Sri Lanka, is implementing the Women and Girls Empowered (WAGE) project in Sri Lanka with the goal to empower local women leaders to collaboratively advance women’s economic empowerment (WEE) objectives of the project. It also addresses issues related to gender-based violence (GBV). The project is being implemented in three war-affected districts of Sri Lanka – Jaffna, Ampara, and Kurunegala, in partnership with three community-based organizations. A rapid needs assessment and market analysis was conducted through which the GFI identified the barriers toward the participation of women in profitable economic activities, access to appropriate financial services, and opportunities for overcoming these barriers. GFI is working to mobilize these women leaders into the district and village-level leadership networks (WILL Clubs), train the networks in key leadership, financial literacy, and economic skills, and link the networks to a range of services and power-holder bodies in their districts.